Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Homework ~ 22 April 2014, Tuesday

History - Fill in your part of the history chapter 5&7 google document, Due Tomorrow
Chinese -COMPLETE ALL OVERDUE HW MAN and file. Complete Email. 
**Dear Normal Chinese Students, please complete Zhang Lao Shi's homework. He is trying very hard for us. He marks our work and he cares for us. Please don't make him anymore demoralized then he is already... It is very disheartening to see Zhang Lao Shi like this. If you can do other homework,please do his too. And the work is good for you. Don't bully him just because he is nice D:< Do not be stubborn. Complete his homework :)
English - Complete Speech and compre, Due Tomorrow

Chemistry - Complete assignment on organic chem. 
Math - Bring at least 3 graph paper for math tomorrow

Biotech - Complete mock exam paper 2

Biology - Complete workbook Chapter 16 Short structured Questions. Complete your file. Refer to google drive for corrections.  
New Change in Homework post 
- New homework is underlined 
- Homework due tomorrow is Bold

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