Monday, 21 April 2014

21 April 2014

Hi all


1. 2013 Chemistry Common Test
Complete both papers 1 and 2 by tomorrow. I will not accept more than 10 marks worth of blanks.
As long as one person has not completed or left more than 10 marks blank, I will not do anything for the three periods tomorrow.
I have personally done the paper myself. It is definitely do-able (with the help of notes and textbook).
Please post this in the class whatsapp group. I do not want to hear people saying they do not know about this. Anyway, It was clearly stated that this paper was to be done by Tues.

2. Speed of reaction practical
I will collect this tomorrow.

3. Assignment for petroleum, alkanes and alkenes
I will go through this tomorrow.

4.People who have yet to submit their medical declaration forms
- Charlene Tan
- Esther Tiey
- Dawn Tan
- Cheng Hao En
- Chung Yi De
- Darryl Lam
- Liu Guo Jin
- Luke-John Lee
- Ng Kai Chek
- Sheares Tiong

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