Monday, 24 February 2014

Class video and Assembly

Hi all

Please refer to the the timeline and guidelines below regarding the class video.
  • - Who is the Committee? Roles?
  • - Suggested timeline
                By end of Term 1 - Plan and Storyboard
                By mid - Term 2 - Filming (if any is required)
                By end Term 2 - Editing and post-rpdocution
                Term 3 Week 1 - Submission to Mr Stanley Tan

General Guidelines:
  • Video should capture wonderful memories of the class and their time in SST. 
  • It should be meaningful and tasteful. 
  • It should not contain any inappropriate language or images or connotations. 
  • It should put all students and teachers (if any) in good light. 
  • It should be suitable for public screening. 
  • Footages should be of good quality and not be "shaky" or "blur".
  • Sound quality should be good. 
  • Length should not exceed 3 minutes.
Please also note that there will be assembly this friday at the MPH.

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