Wednesday, 5 February 2014

5 Feb 2014

Hi all

1. General class maintenance

Charlene has kindly informed the general office regarding the class logistical needs. 

With regards to the faulty projector, the IT dept will follow up on it.

Regarding the spoilt duster, can the class chair or vice-chair proceed with a one to one exchange at GO front counter?

Regarding the permanent marker writings on whiteboard, the student who did the writings may have to get and use turpentine, thinner or any other alternatives to remove the writings. For thinner, he/she can get it from Ops dept. Do take note that the cleaning has to be supervised by a staff of the school due to usage of flammable cleaning agents.

2. Payment for class photos

Do remember that friday will be the day when the photo vendor will come down to SST to collect orders. They will be in the canteen at 1030. Any one who wishes to purchase the photos, please place your order with Sherman.

3. Chemistry support 

There will be chemistry support this friday (7 Feb).

Venue: Tutorial Room, Block B, Level 5
Time: 1300 - 1400 (or 1430)
Chapter for discussion: Atmosphere & Environment

List of people down for support:

Jun Jie

You may wish to bring along your textbook for reference.

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