Wednesday, 1 January 2014

T1W0 matters

(Warning - long post ahead)

Hi all

1. Your FT will be me. Your Co-FT is Mr Zhang Zhong.

2. Bring your SIGNED report book on Thursday.

3. Seating arrangement.

I will allow you guys to choose where you wish to sit and with whom, subject to final approval.

4. Grooming. It is your duty to review the attire and grooming policy.

(i) Hair should be neat and of acceptable length.
(ii) No modifications to uniform allowed.
(iii) Guys should be clean shaven. Belts must be dark in colour. No white belts.
(iv) No fanciful jewellery. Socks to be of matching colour.

5. Think of a class

(i) motto
(ii) mission statement
(iii) code of conduct

By thursday. We can reuse (ii) and (iii) from last year if everyone is agreeable.

5. Class exco

Think of what positions you want to hold.

6. Bring a book for morning reading period.

7. Food donation drive. You may wish to donate some canned items. Expiry date to be at least 6 months away.

8. CCA.

CCA starts T1W0. Check with your CCA teacher if there is training/meetings for you.

9. Open Houses

Please refer to the dates of the open houses of the various JCs and Polys below. You may wish to check out their respective websites for more details.

ACJC 8 Jan
NJC 9 & 10 Jan
SRJC 16 Jan
SJC (IB) 15 Jan
VJC 8 Jan
SAJC/NYJC Day after release of 'O' level results

The 5 Polys 9 to 11 jan


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