Friday, 3 January 2014

3 Jan 2014

Hi all

1. Class decoration competition

  • Pick a theme that encompasses class mission, goals and code of conduct (hint: make sure these three are CLEARLY displayed)
  • Submit a 100 word write-up to explain how the theme reflects the 3 areas.
  • Use RECYCLED items & be creative
  • No funding provided
  • Class cleanliness is taken into consideration - items in cupboards must be neatly arranged, locker area free of misplaced items
  • Judging takes place on 27 Jan

2. Class graduation video

  • End of year video to be shown during farewell assembly
  • Max of 3 minutes
  • Should capture the class’ spirit & key events/ achievements
  • Committee to work on project (story-boarding, collation of photos, video production)

3. Temperature-taking on Tuesday (7 Jan 2014)

Please bring a thermometer in good working condition on Monday for checking.

4. Flag day and AUP acknowledgement forms

Please get these two forms signed and return them by Monday (6 Jan 2014).

5. Class chairperson and vice-chairperson

Vote whom you believe will be a good, responsible leader for the class. The Google form has been sent to your email.

6. Chemistry diagnostic test

The first chemistry lesson will be a diagnostic test. All Sec 3 topics will be tested.

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