Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Homework ~ 29th Jan

Static electricity corrections
Qn 8 of Electricity worksheet
SPA file to be submitted after CNY

SPA file
Not SPA file

Refer to previous post ~ Deadline: After CNY

Report to school tar in either FULL school uniform or red top and uniform bottoms. No S&W pants allowed.

Wehehe 过几天就有去拜年咯~

Amendment to programme for 30 Jan (CNY eve)

Hi all

Amendment to point 2 (c).

Class Representatives are to assemble outside ISH to collect the mandarin oranges before proceeding to MPH at 9:00 am.

If the class is unable to give out the cards and mandarin oranges, please return the mandarin oranges to G.O and put the cards in the box labelled "blessing cards" in the G.O.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Homework ~ 28th Jan

Hello my dear pretties, here's the homework for today.

Visual text practice, please upload to the folder sent by Mr Goh (SST email)

All the assignments not done. ~ SUBMIT WEDNESDAY
Statistic notes example 21 23 etc

Refer to chinese blog

File diagnostic test
Pop quiz uploaded tmr

SBQ to be EMAILED to Mr Tan asap

Few more days to CNY! YaaAAAAaaaaaYYyy

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Programme for 30 Jan (CNY eve)

Hi all

Chinese New Year programme schedule

7:20-7:50        : Morning Assembly
8:00-8:45        : Classroom Decoration/Spring Cleaning and Chinese New
                           Year Card making / E-card creating.
8:50-9:00        : All staff & students to be seated at MPH
10:00               : End of Concert

Programme for 0800-0845 (Venue:Classrooms)

1.      Classroom Decoration and Spring Cleaning
2.      Prepare CNY greeting cards for SST Staff (hand made card)
3.      Post CNY greetings/e-cards on class blog

1. Class decoration and spring cleaning 

a) Decorations are allowed only within the classroom.
b) Double-sided or scotch tape are NOT allowed for sticking decorations on the wall.
c) Only blu-tac is allowed for sticking decorations on the wall.
d) The class is encouraged to use recycled materials.
e) Please do a spring-cleaning after the decoration and keep the class neat and tidy.

The total budget for the Chinese New Year decorations should not exceed $10.

2. CNY card-making 

a)      S4-05 will create a Chinese New Year Card each for:
(i) Form Teacher
(ii) Co-Form Teacher
(iii) Mr Charles Low, Ms Karen Ann Sciberras (School counsellor), Ms Su Ya Hui (Lab manager)

b)     Conventions in writing the Chinese New Year Card:

        (i) The Name of the Recipient  (Please address them as Mr, Mdm, Ms)
        (ii) Sender (Please include class)
     (iii) Well Wishes in both Chinese and English.

c)     Class Representatives (EXCO of the class: chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary and treasurer) are to give the cards and mandarin oranges to their form teacher and co-form teacher during the Grand Finale of the Concert.

        If the staff is not present in the hall, EXCO members will deliver the cards and
         mandarin oranges after the concert.

        Chair and vice-chair to go to the General Office to collect the mandarin
        oranges before proceeding to MPH before 7:20 am.

d)     Each class is to provide their own materials for making the Chinese New Year Card. The maximum size of the card is A4.

3. Posting of e-card in class blog

a)      Bring your learning device on the 30 Jan (Thurs).
b)      Design your New Year e-card and post it on your respective class blog.

Suggested websites:

Friday, 17 January 2014

17 Jan 2014

Hi all

1. CCA Records

The CCA records were given out for verifications earlier in the last 2 weeks. Please bring on Monday and pass them to Sherman on Monday (20 Jan 2014). Please take note of the following.

1) Ignore the CCA points and verify the events only.
2) Sign and date on page 1.
3) Corrections, erratum must be clearly written.
4) Added events to include details like proper event names, teacher ic, year of event.

2. It's the little things that matter

Vincent van Gogh said, “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together”. 

It really is true, isn't it? The little things that lead to happiness, success, joy, and fulfillment are simple and usually easy to do. Yet how many of us do it daily? Or realize the importance of it? 

They can be as simple as getting up in the morning and choosing to be positive, respecting the time of others by showing up on time, saying thank you, counting to ten and holding your tongue when feeling angry. Looking for the good in everyone you meet and work with, or as simple as choosing a different response in the moment.

Whenever you are faced with a choice, you can choose a positive action or a negative one. Remember, it's the simple actions, repeated over time, that will determine the life you lead. 

During tough times it is easier than ever to complain, magnifying what you don’t want and creating more of it, because “misery loves company”.

Instead, make the decision to be a positive light that shines brightly. 

If we want happiness, and peace, and quiet conscience, we need to learn the little lessons, the small services, the continuing kindnesses, the habitual acts of honesty, and appreciation. "We don't stumble over mountains." We stumble over small things mostly. 

Remember, we remember the moments in life not the day. 

Start enjoying the little things in life for one day when you look back, you will realize that they were the big things.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Homework ~ 16/01

Reading passage
Write a persuasive paragraph

- Static electricity worksheet
- Practical

  • Plot graph of V against I
  • Determine the gradient of the graph
  • Comment on the relationship between V and I
  • State one source of error and explain how it affects the measurement
- Finances worksheet - tbc by Monday
- Probability worksheet - (refer to previous posts)
- Example 10 (Histogram)

Remember A4 exercise book and file for SS

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

15 Jan 2014

Hi all

1. School yearbook

The 2012-2013 Yearbook is now ready for collection. May I request that Bowen and Sherman collect them from the General Office. Please ensure that you sign on the form and indicate the total number of books collected.

2. S4 Parents' Engagement Session

You may refer to this link to get some additional information. For those whose parents are attending, please inform them of the details. Dinner starts at 6 pm.

3. Motivation camp form

Please get your parents to sign the form and submit it tomorrow to me.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

14/01 Homework

Share Popplets to google+
Download file in sst email from Mr Stanley AND COMPLETE - Due Monday

Bring DIE book and answer keys (if you have it)
Reading passage
Finish up presentations (Service learning)

Bring practical WB pg 83-8, Exp 13.


14 Jan 2014

Monday, 13 January 2014

13 Jan 2014

Hi all

1. CE/Assembly on 17 Jan 2014

For this friday's assembly/CE, Sec 4 students will have their assembly session at the Auditorium, 1155-1245 h. Bring along your Learning Device.

There will be a debrief on your Flag Day community service (on 11 Jan). Kindly follow up on your reflection which you are suppose to do.

 The assembly session this friday is a complement to the Service Preparation day on Thursday (23 Jan), and the actual Service day (i.e. Project Home Cleaning) that will take place the following day (Friday, 24 Jan) at the various elderly/children homes.

2. AUP/SDM forms

A reminder to bring your AUP/SDM forms if you have not yet submitted. Please pass them to Bowen during morning assembly. It is your individual responsibility to give it to him. Do not expect Bowen to go around asking for those forms.

Homework ~ 13 January 2014

  1. English
    1. Bring DIE books
    2. Plan Service Learning Project
    3. Complete Silent Reading Article
  2. Math
    1. Hand in Financial Matters notes ~ Tomorrow
  3. Chinese
    1. Complete Lesson 1 summary questions 
  4. History
    1. Complete popplet and prepare for presentation
  5. Biology
    1. Bring pink file on Friday
    2. Buy logbook - to write new words every lesson - MUST!!!!!!
  6. SS
    1. Bring textbook & A4 exercise book - for SBQ (if one forgets to bring, one will need to copy an assigned section of textbook as part of SEQ)
    2. Learning Device - when told to
    3. SBQ 3.4.1
    4. Catch up lesson - Next Friday(17/1), after school
  7. Chemistry 
    1. Bring back the SPA file 
  8. Class Admin 
    1. Class Fund - $4 per month
    2. Class deco 
    3. Bring SDM, Flag Day and AUP forms - MUST!!!!!!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

12/01 homework

MCQ worksheet 
Buy textbook if you haven't done so

Probability 13.1-13.2 
Finances worksheet example 17a-b

12 Jan 2014

Hi all

1. Class décor 

Please use the time for CE on 13 Jan to decorate the class (refer to rubrics in post dated 6 Jan 2014).

2.  Fire evacuation exercise

Please refer to the instructions below in the event of a fire or fire drill.

1) Upon hearing the fire alarm, stop all activities at once and keep noise level down.
2) Listen to the announcement over the PA systems. The message after the first alarm is to announce that there is a situation and that it will be investigated. No action is required at this time.
3) An instruction will be given after the second alarm. If the instruction is to evacuate, switch off all lights and electrical equipment. Close all windows before leaving the classroom.
4) Bring along the Evacuation Kit which is at the front door of every classroom.

5) Form up quickly in pairs and close all doors.
6) Walk quickly in an orderly manner using the respective evacuation routes.
7) Look out for fire and obstacles (at all times).
8) Assemble and maintain discipline at Assembly Area.
9) If the message after the second alarm is that it was a false alarm, resume normal activities.

3. Chemistry (TokToL)

An e-mail invitation will be sent to students to register with ToKToL later this week. You can only register using your SST e-mail account. Do not to delete the e-mail from ToKToL.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Homework ~ 10 January 2014, Thursday

  1. English
    1. Do 'Hamburger' ws
  2. Math
    1. Complete Example 17a
    2. Assignment 13.1 - due on Friday(11/1)
  3. Chinese
    1. Start daily reading
    2. Complete Lesson 1 summary questions 
  4. History
    1. Complete popplet and prepare for presentation
  5. Biology
    1. Bring pink file on Friday
    2. Buy logbook - to write new words every lesson - MUST!!!!!!
  6. Physics
    1. Workbook ws 16
  7. SS
    1. Bring textbook & A4 exercise book - for SBQ (if one forgets to bring, one will need to copy an assigned section of textbook as part of SEQ)
    2. Learning Device - when told to
    3. SBQ 3.4.1
    4. Catch up lesson - Next Friday(17/1), after school
  8. Chemistry 
    1. Bring back the SPA file on Friday - MUST!!!!!!
  9. Class Admin 
    1. Class Fund - $2 per week, collection on Monday
    2. Class deco 
    3. Bring SDM, Flag Day and AUP forms - MUST!!!!!!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

8 Jan 2014

Hi all

Please bring your LD to assembly this Friday. Each one of you will be required to do a survey.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Homework ~ 7 January 2014, Tuesday

  1. English
    1. Complete your target setting and timetable
  2. Math
    1. Complete Example 1-8
    2. Check SEAB for topics and details tested
    3. Complete assignment 1 of probability
    4. Math Blog
  3. Chinese
    1. Start daily reading
    2. Complete Lesson 1 summary questions 
  4. History
    1. Complete popplet and prepare for presentation
  5. CE 
    1. Bring Flag day reply slips 
    2. Bring AUP
    3. Class Deco
      1. Paper Cranes
        1. Hao Xian & Guo Jin - bring origami paper
        2. Sheares, Luke, Bowen, Tobias, Yide
      2. Polaroid Pictures
        1. Esther and Kashyap Bring polaroid and polaroid film
        2. Dylaine,Jemaimah, Dawn
      3. Rasputin at the Door
        1. Kai Chek and Sherman Bring Trash Bag
        2. Luke, Tobias, Sheares
      4. Paper fishes
        1. Jerome and JJ Bring Red Packets
        2. Jee Hoon, Hao En, Enoch
      5. Colorful paint samples
        1. Sherman bring paper and colour samples
        2. Daryl, Aziel, Charlene

7 Jan 2014

Hi all

1. Class committee

The finalised class committee has been uploaded. Please refer to the tab that has just been created. As stated, there will be two secretaries - Esther and Dawn. Please ensure the workload is split evenly between the two of you.

2. Flag day

Students are to indicate your time shift on the Google form which can be found on the Sec 4 Googlesite. If you cannot attend the flag day, please indicate your reason(s) there as well.

3. Class timetable and relay system

I have uploaded the latest version of the timetable. The class relay system has been modified slightly. Please read the instructions stated there. 

4. Forms

Please approach Mr Zhang Zhong if you need the consent form for Flag Day or the AUP Acknowledgement form. If you cannot find him, you may come approach me too. 

5. Chemistry

In preparation for lesson, please read pg 389 - 410 of your textbook.

Monday, 6 January 2014

6 Jan 2014

Hi all

1. CDAC-SFCCA Bursary

The CDAC-SFCCA Bursary 2013 for Sec 1-4 students is open for application till 10 January 2014. Application forms can be obtained from the General Office. Pls help to disseminate the following information to your classes. 

Eligibility Criteria
(a) Race/Citizenship: Chinese students (S'pore Citizen or PR)
(b) Income: Gross monthly household income of $1,500 and below OR monthly per capita income of $450 and below.
(c) Others: Not receiving The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund and other scholarship or bursary (with the exception of the MOE Edusave Merit Scholarship or bursary)

- Successful applicant will receive a bursary quantum of $450 by end of April 2014.
- CDAC will grant 90% fee subsidy to enable bursary recipients to attend enrichment programmes/courses organized by 11 CDAC centres.
- CDAC will waive the tuition fee for the academically weak bursary recipients when they attend the CDAC Tuition Programme in 2014.

2. Class decoration competition

Students need to submit a short write-up (less than 100 words) to explain to the judges how the class decoration is related to their class mission, goals and code of conduct. 

Guidelines to adhere to:
●      Students are encouraged to use recycled materials. There will be no reimbursement    of expenses incurred.
●      Safety of the classroom should not be compromised.
●      The decoration should be done in a tasteful manner i.e. there should be no offensive    language, symbols or pictures used.
●      Painting of the classroom is not allowed.
●      Please take care of the equipment provided by the school. Cost of any damage       done to any school property will be borne by the class.
●      Areas to note:
o      Notice-boards need to be allocated for different subjects and announcements.    Eg. Duty roster.
o      Classroom must be clean and neat.
o      The locker area is clean and free from clutter.
o      Class mission, goals and code of conduct are clearly displayed.
o      The items in the class cupboards are neatly arranged.
o      Class Seating Plan is prominently displayed at the teacher’s table.

The competition will assess students on the following:
●      Class Theme reflects their mission, goals and code of conduct. (30%)
●      Overall presentation and use of space inside the classroom (30%)
●      Creativity (10%)
●      Effort (10%)
●      Classroom cleanliness (10%)
●      Use of recycled material (10%)

Judging will take place on 27 Jan 2014 from 3 p.m. onwards.
Prizes will be given out for each respective levels.

3. Class committee

The committee cannot be finalised yet as there are a number of you who want to be S&W reps.

4. Temperature-taking exercise

There will be a temperature-taking exercise on the 7 Jan 2014. Please bring a thermometer in good-working condition. Those who do not bring one will have to purchase one at $5 from the school.